Fitness Planner and Progression Chart

Hi Armando. I noticed a peculiar zigzagging pattern in my Progression chart. Right now I’m in the offseason and do only commuting and casual sweetspot training on the trainer. The Commutes I include into my Fitnessplanner via the option to copy similar activities with power to represent an activity without actual power data. However I recorded these activities 4 weeks ago or so with my Roadbike, presumably beiing a bit fitter at the time. So now my FTP usually jumps to a higher value after these copied activities and usually drops a bit after actual trainersessions.
Is the Progression algorithm maybe considering the heart rate (which would have been different 4 weeks ago) or is there something wrong?
Any way to fix this? Also the current sessions are maybe a bit to hard if they are calculated from an elevated signature.

Yes. I see that. The signatures assigned to those older activities isn’t correct. For our understanding, were these manual activities created 4 weeks ago on the system or where they just created recently? You can do a Progression Recalculation (See FAQ and look also to “seed” it correctly) to correct the error. If this doesn’t help, let us know.

The older activities were commuter rides that I did with my roadbike that has a powermerter, actually to record them for the Fitness Planner, so they are not manually created activities. I put them in my favorites and inserted them in the Fitness Planner on day where I used my commuterbike. I also put them in the planner to do some sort of trainingplan, to see how much I have to do to maintain a certain FTP. I will try the recalculation though. I’ll let you know how this works!

If your recalc doesn’ work, let us know. You can also try and remove and add them back. We’ve made some fixes recently may have affected the signature determination for manually entered activities.

Hi Armando. I guess it worked, the jumps are not so prominent any more and I got rid of some extremes highs and lows. I will check wheather the planner works better now too!