Fitness planer problem

I have some big issues with the fitness planer, above all with freshness indicator. My last workout (Zwift Race) was tough but not at all overly exhausting. Xert proposes now a 4 day rest because it thinks I will be ‘very tired’ for the next 5 (!) days. What’s wrong? The workout did not exceed my FTP limit an was relatively short (55mins). I am not that tired at all. Thank’s for helping.

how many stars do you have?

Two. Current training load is 6h/week.

I had a look Andreas. You’ve had activities with power spikes (over 2000W). You should remove the activities and see if you PP comes down to a reasonable number. If not, follow the FAQ on doing a Progression Recalculation. After that, you’ll find your new Training Load to be lower. Also, you have planned activities in your calendar. The Training Status is as of midnight and inclusive of planned activities.

Thank´s for your help, Armando! Now it is much more reasonable. My old Polar pedal powermeters have this 2000W bug. As far as I know, this is also known with Stages PM. Could´nt you implement an autocorrection or manual power spike removal option like Golden Cheetha has got?

Sorry to hijack, but I have a similar question - the training advisor is recommending I take 5 days off. In an effort to try and populate my signature I’ve been following a known training plan that has been manageable and produced good results in the past. I’m coming off a few months of off-season/downtime - does the advisor/freshness gauge take a while to get caught up on your actual training capability? Is my following of a structured plan (vs free riding with more interspersed hard efforts) throwing off/delaying the development of an accurate fitness signature? I’ve only done 1 hard workout to establish current FTP, and otherwise been base training. I would like to switch to the adaptive advisor as the basis for my plan, but it appears to be suggesting way too low of a workload.

I have the same question as Nicholas. Do I need to delete all the imported rides, Xert is suggesting I’m way more tired than I am and won’t recommend anything more than a 40 XSS ride.

I just saw you reply in the other thread, sorry for the duplicate question. However as a follow on, should the system catch up with my actual fitness as I follow the daily suggestions. I’m getting nervous about losing weeks of quality training trying to get an accurate signature.

As per the blog, you can override the Recovery recommendation by choosing another workout. XATA won’t recommend one but you’re free to go to the Workouts link and select one. Once your training load increases, you’ll see Very tired less and less. Prefer not to add an “ignore recovery recommendations” setting … afraid people will ignore signs of overtraining. If you feel you can train through these Very tired recommendations, then you should just go ahead. Eventually the system will match what you can do, as your Training Load increases.

You only need one activity to express your fitness and you can do it once every couple of weeks or so. Just do it when you’re fresh and ready, and you bring yourself to exhaustion at some point during the workout.

Thanks for your continued patience with my questions, I’ll “get it” eventually. In the meantime, thank you.

Is there an estimate of how much training load one should have accumulated before starting to trust the recommendations? Maybe a 2 star rating? I can imagine it’s a hard thing to quantify, and varies for each person…

1 star. You’ll see a warning if you’re below that.

Yup, although back to one star and it still thinks I’m very tired perpetually (although my experience with this plan is it’s pretty manageable). I’m coming from 3 star mid season, so I guess it just hasn’t had the time to learn what I can handle? Current FitSig is much lower than typical after the time off.

Having too low a signature will also increase your XSS and may also skew your recovery demands. We’re going to put out a blog on how you can better manage this.

Makes sense - restarting from being off, everything is a bit soft but comes back faster than it would under normal (eg: mid season) conditions. Sounds like it’s worth tossing in a few hard effort tests to check the fitsig as opposed to waiting for a 4-6 week training cycle and power test.