Fitness Comparison and Ranking

Hi, on the Fitness Comparison and Ranking page, some of the rankings are based on w/kg and others are just watts. Is there a reason for this inconsistency? I would prefer w/kg as a comparison tool across the board rather than just watts, but perhaps there is a something I am missing.


It was felt that some athlete types (like Power Sprinter and Time Triallist) are more about raw power whereas others like Climber and Puncheur are more about W/kg.

Thanks Armando, as an XC MTB racer I’m concerned with 2, 3 and 4 min power, road sprinter, pursuiter, puncheur respectively, as my previous races in Xert have indicated these are the focus. So with the road sprinter (my result: 2min 80th percentile) and puncheur (my result: 4min 83th percentile) using w/kg and the pursuiter (my result: 3min 55th percentile) using just watts, visually it looks like I have a huge weakness at the 3min level in the spider chart. This was perplexing as I couldn’t understand how a 1 min difference could be creating such an effect and it took me a while to see that there was a different measurement being used. To satisfy the different athlete types, perhaps two spider charts can be rendered, one with w/kg and the other with watts, then there will no confusion and both camps will be able to identify areas to work on based on their preferred measurement.