Fitness Comparison and Ranking - Personal Best w/kg question

I am curious how the Fitness Comparison and Ranking - Personal Best w/kg metric is calculated or if I am understanding it wrong. I believe the chart is your personal 10 minute w/kg effort. Showing your current effort vs your all time best. Where clicking the (?) next to best shows the ride with the best effort.

The problem is mine is showing at 4.1 w/kg, which I have never been able to produce for 10 minutes, and when looking at the details it shows a ride that had no 10 minute effort anywhere near that. Is the best not on the 10 minute scale? Is it the best X seconds power across recent rides?

Just looking for clarity on this and how i should be interpreting it. Is it saying my best 10 minute effort from the most recent ride was 66% of my best X second effort from recent rides. Is this right, what is the time period and across how many recent rides?

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The number reflects your W/kg at the selected Focus Duration (FD) point.
In your example, 4.1 is your best metric historically for 10 Minute Power (Climber).
To see the value for another FD change Athlete Type under Account Settings and return to the Ranking page.
Or change FD under the Program dialog box and refresh the Ranking page.
Change back to Climber afterwards if that if your current target Focus.

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A perfectly paced 10 minute exhaustive effort likely happens once a year. If that. But your 10 minute power changes all the time. We help you with the latter.

Great explanation, thanks for sharing! It’s really helpful to understand how to interpret the W/kg metric for different Focus Durations (FD). I’ve been exploring my own metrics and found that changing the Athlete Type and FD provides valuable insights into my performance across various cycling disciplines.

I appreciate the tip on adjusting these settings under Account Settings and the Program dialog box. It’s also good to know that I can easily switch back to my target Focus, such as Climber, to track my progress. This feature certainly helps in tailoring my training program to achieve my specific goals. Thanks again for the detailed breakdown!