Fitness and hardness tests

In the description of the hardness tests it says the tests must be performed precisely in order to be able to compare results. I am not exactly sure what is meant by that. Is there any documentation that more fully explains how and why hardness tests should be used? Also I am wondering if there is a fitness test(s) which I could use to either establish a fitness signature or confirm my current signature. I am skeptical of the FTP number Xert gives me. Thanks

Just to clarify the Hunter/Cogglan book describes a couple of tests which can be used to determine your power profile. Just wondering if something similar exists in the Xert workout library.

For the hardness tests, you should try and go harder during the workout. You should choose a level and complete it. (With the introduction of Difficulty Scoring, this can also be used to assess the overall hardness of any activity you perform.)

The Xert Fitness Test is here: You should review the corresponding blog on fitness testing to understand how it works. The protocol doesn’t have to be followed precisely since the software will use regression on the ride data to determine your fitness signature.

Typo … “shouldn’t try harder”…