Fit files joined by fit file tools show wrong distance

Hey all

On a recent trip I saved for files along the way instead of letting my garmin record all the time. It wasn’t because of long breaks, it was to make syncing GoPro recordings easier for later editing in virb edit.

Anyway, I joined the files using and uploaded the joined files to garmin connect which then sent them to xert and then on to Strava.

Garmin connect and Strava show the correct distances, xert does not. It looks like it’s showing the distance of only the first file. All other data in xert looks correct. Power, time, the map, etc.

Is there a way to manually edit this?

If not, can I delete the files from xert and upload the separate files to xert, without it polluting what I have on Strava?


No, you can’t edit that information in Xert, but you can delete the activity in Xert and then upload the separate rides! That should work fine!

yeah that’s what I ended up doing, and deleting the resulting strava syncd rides