FIT file import errors

FIT file are imports are returning time stamp out of order. I loaded the same file to strava and sporttracks. No issues. I even tried FIT file repair and imported to Xert. Still same issue. Any Ideas? Xert_Timestamp_Issue

Which bike computer / software are you using to record the FIT file? Please email the FIT file to

FIT file is coming from PerfPRO. I haven’t had an issue until today. I’ve been on the same PerfPRO version

PerfPRO has a beta out with Xert integration (doesn’t address the issue but thought you might want to try it). We’ve seen this before and because timing is very important, we’re being a bit strict with how we read in data. We’ll talk to the folks at PerfPRO and see if we can sort this out.

Im on Drew’s latest stable version 5.80.20 which has Xert integration. This issue just happened today. Saturday was a PerPRO activity without errors from same PerfPRO version.