First Ride W/ Garmin Connect IQ Xert App, GPS issue.

I downloaded and utilized the Garmin Connect Xert Player App to guide me through a workout. The workout synced to Strava with no GPS data and did not sync to Xert. I have since gone into Xert online, clicked on the Sync->Garmin Connect and authorized my Garmin Connect account. However, the past activity was not automatically synced and I can find no way to download this activity with GPS data. From The Garmin Connect site I have the ability to download a FIT with no elevation data, or a TCX with no GPS data, the GPX file will not download.

So my questions are: can I sync the past Garmin Connect activity so it will import properly? Will future activities sync automatically? Does the Xert Player through Garmin Connect record GPS data, and if so, how can I access it (I think I PRed some Strava segments, but would really like to know for sure)?

As far as I remember correctly, GPS is disabled by default in the IQ player - I noticed that during my first ride using the app as speed/distance stuck at 0 (I don’t use a speed senor). So you need to enable GPS through the IQ player menu.
Automatic sync from Strava doesn’t happen (as far as I know…), you need to push the STRAVA button on top right corner on main page.

Ah, sorry, mis-read your comment…you tried to sync from Garmin Connect. Sorry, cannot comment on that. Garmin Connect pushes my activities to Strava, then I manually sync Xert and Strava.

I don’t actually terribly care about the auto sync, but really want that gps data. Thanks a lot for the solution, I’ll try that asap.