First experience following a Xert Smart Workout: way too hard

Hi, I recently discovered this app and I think it’s really interesting, so I’m starting to put it to test to see if it’s worth paying for the subscription after my trial ends. So yesterday I did my first smart workout “raining blood”. And I found it impossible to complete as the watts it asked me to deliver were impossible to sustain for me. I have to say that xert has imported my past year strava activities all of these with power data. I’ve been using a powermeter for the last two years and I now for sure the my power profile that xert has calculated is perfectly right. So, why was impossible for me to do the workout? anyone has had the same experience? thanks

Raining Blood probably plays a bit harder than the 3.5 star rating likely because it gets to 3.5 stars in less than an hour. Called Raining Blood for a reason. :slight_smile: Anything over 3 stars requires you to be totally committed to the workout. Try a less challenging workout and build up towards the more difficult ones. Once you get close to 4 stars, this workout should become doable.

thank you. It’s a bit overwhelming to get into xert at first, as many new concepts enters the game. I checked my xert power profile curve and found that it was a bit high, Already corrected it and I hope now I can achieve the goals.

So thing is to go for workouts that have the same stars than I have in my profile? I corrently have three stars (almost full the third)

That’s what the training advisor does in scoring workouts. Those that better match your training status score higher.

Today I did another smart workout, this time being a 3 star rated one named I won’t back down. Found it hard but manageable. One question, sert workout player doesn’t seem to create laps in garmin file, and I think this is a very important feature to analyse the workout after it’s done. Is it possible to set the app to create laps? I would also like to be able to see the hour while I’m performing the workout,.

Unfortunately, generating laps on the Garmin obscures the screen and based on user feedback we removed the lap notifications. We may revisit when Garmin’s API enables us to generate laps without those notifications.