Firefox browser update

Just to say Firefox (55.0.3 latest version) has continued to have episodes (typically 2-3hrs) when it fails to load Xert sig graphs etc with the url saying … ‘waiting for’. It then comes back on. Emptying the cache etc has not cured this and I have no proxy servers setup. As before Chrome is working fine. Will continue investigating.

Thank you.

seems like sometimes the java/cache doesn’t run. Came across this comment re firefox-pusher (half way down page) -
Separately is it normal to have to keep logging the Garmin app in - I keep getting http not found when loading workouts.

It should only be once. Sometimes you may get an HTTP Request Error in which case you’ll need to force it to logout via the settings. Are you sure you’re not have some networking issues, by chance?

Not that I’ve noticed. As you say its the HTTP request error that comes up. Wondered if it doesn’t like it if my Bushido smart’s power drops when you stop pedaling for a short time at end of a workout?

We’ve tested on FF V55 and haven’t seen any issues come up. FYI, we posted a new Workout Player that helps alleviate the issue of having to logout using settings. If the HTTP Request Error is seen, it will just prompt you to login again. It shouldn’t happen every time as GCM should cache your login token.