Finding the place to ride for time under tension

I think if you can’t find a place to ride for more than a half an hour without the need to slow for traffic you can’t develop meaningful information using this program or Strava. My average speed around here is 15 mph so I would need about 7 miles. Looking at a map of where I live I can’t find that. I have lots of opportunity to sprint from a dead one foot down stop for many miles and I can chase cars or try to get away from them as the case may be. I should probably move. Any suggestions?

Hi Craig,

Xert can be used for efforts less than 30 min, and its okay if you stop for a little bit due to traffic or stop signs/traffic lights. Your rides certainly don’t need to be continuous. Hope that helps! Cheers

Yes, I am beginning to understand a bit better how this is thought out and I like it quite a bit.