Finding a specific point on my power curve

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For the life of me, I can’t find a way of looking at my power curve outside of the specific markers - for example, I want to find out what power I can produce for… 1354 seconds. I can look at the marker for 20 minutes (1200s) and I can look at the marker for 30 minutes (1800s), but unless I break out the calculator and integrate between the 2 points I can’t find out what I’d like to. Is there a way of quickly doing this?
I know that functionally there’s not a massive amount of difference in power between the 2 focus durations but I’m just trying to do some experiments with the TTE/TTR data field on my head unit while running through a planned workout on my phone to better understand how to use them on the road, so want to set TTE to the focus duration in the workout and watch the head unit as I do the workout.


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It’s a great question, James. Perhaps something to add directly to the Power Duration curve in the future!

A workaround to do this right now/today would be to open up the workout designer and create an interval at your 22.56 MMP (1354 s). Hovering over the interval in the preview should show the exact wattage that you’re looking for. Hope this helps!


Thanks Scott.
Having an option to enter Power in a box and see duration (or vice versa) would be fantastic - I’m sure the KOM hunters would love that too.

While I’ve got you, could you give me an example of when you’d use the TTE/TTR data field? I’ve watched the YouTube video and it seems useful at first, but whenever I try using it I end up ignoring it in favourite of guidance from the the focus duration field while riding at/below /above my target interval power, and judging when to start heading home by looking at my XSS and difficulty…
How did you pick that you’d recover at 100W rather than, say, 150W? And why did you decide to initially ride until you were down to 4:00 before your first recovery interval? Is it just experience telling you that that’ll give you the workout length/difficulty that you’re after?

Below is the description for version updated on May 18, 2021 in case that helps.
I believe you’ll have the best success with TTE at shorter durations such as 5, 10 or 20 minute power.
Haven’t used my 1030 in ages but I think setup had to be done in Garmin Connect or Express and then switch profiles on the Garmin to update the fields.


Using your Xert™ Fitness Signature, real-time Time-to-Exhaustion (TTE) and Time-to-Recovery (TTR) are calculated and displayed. See exactly how long you will last for a given power output interactively and how long it will take you to recover. These appear side-by-side enabling you to get a quick view of your current fatigue and recovery status. Examples:

● Set up TTE near your peak power to see your TTE for a sprint

● Set up TTE near your 5 minute power to see your TTE for an attack

● Setup TTR at 0W to see how long it will take to recover fully if you stop

● Setup TTR at your wattage in the draft to see how long you need to hide out of the wind to recover

Using a custom configuration, take TTE and TTR one step further by setting them to show the time to reach a configurable point in fatigue and the time to reach to a configurable point in recovery. Great for outdoor training exercises. For example:

● Set your target MPA to be 700W with a power of 500W. This determines how long you can maintain 500W until you have 700W maximum power available.

● Set your recovery target MPA to be 800W to see how long you need to recover before you are able to generate 800W again.