Filter option not working on Activities or Workouts

I have recently found that the Filter option no longer works on my Activities pages. This applies both to a web browser on the PC and the iPhone.

On the PC it is when trying to filter completed Activities - typing in the criteria then clicking the magnifying glass does nothing to change the dispalyed results.

On the iPhone Xert EBC App after selecting the Train option which leads to the Adaptive Training.Advisor page I can not use the Search functionality. Typing in the filter criteria then tapping on the magnifying glass does absolutely nothing to the workouts displayed.

Any ideas?
Bob J

It works fine on my activities. web browser.

The mag lens icon does not appear to be active in that form on the iOS app.
Do you normally tap Done after entering the search text on the iOS app? That works fine.

The icon also does not work on a PC for Activities when using Edge or Chrome browser upon first attempt, but curiously does work once you search using [Enter].
To test close the XO page in the browser, load XO, select Activities tab, enter a search string and click the mag lens icon. Nothing happens. Return cursor to search box and press [Enter] to complete the search. The mag lens is now active on subsequent searches.
Houston… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the workaround ridgerider2. Your methods work just as you described. Hopefully support will address this in some future release :slight_smile:

We’ll get it sorted.

UPDATE: Should be fixed! Cheers

You guys are so fast. And not just on the bike :+1:

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As per oldcyclist65 - Yes that was an awesome response time thankyou - it works on both the iPhone and the PC now :slight_smile:
Thanks guys