Feedback Wanted: Xert Mobile Beta (v

Is there an official announcement somewhere that states this?
ANT+ works fine on my Pixel 2 phone which started with Pie and auto-updated to 10 and now 11.
I am using the OTG/USB-C stub that came with the phone plus a Sunnto Movestick.
Is the issue only with phones that have an ANT+ chip onboard that get the upgraded OS?
Or am I just lucky that I have a Google phone rather than a Samsung? :slight_smile:

Could be just Samsung, maybe other brands - but as I said ‘from what I understand’ and it’s related to phones that have native Ant+ support, in the hardware, not with dongles.

Well, apart from my recent struggles, my Samsung S10 on Android 10 has been working mostly fine and ANT+ is definitely still there.

Where is the powermatch option? There’s now a 50W difference between my trainer (STAC) and my powermeter (P2Max). Previously, this happened if powermatch wasn’t turned on, but now I can’t find where to turn it on. edit I also noticed that the power reading from the P2Max is extremely jumpy now… will keep varying ±25% every second, whereas it was extremely stable before.

2nd edit - issue is with app (ie, not battery or random tech issue) as I exported my workout to Zwift and powermatch was working in Zwift.

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I discovered last night that my Samsung A5 which previously worked fine with Ant + FEC in the Xert app, now does not work with Ant+ sensors but does with BLE. I wonder if I reinstall the ant services on the phone will it work? I have yet to try this but wonder if anyone else has suggestions other than getting a Cable device translator.

further note my phone is running Android 8 but was updated anyhow and now does not work with the Ant+ radio… seems so far no resolution. So may have to go get a NPE Cable device.

Have you installed ANTtester on your Android ? If everything is green, the problem is not on your phone, else… has been working well for me.
Before the beta I had issues on the production release of XM using BLE and relied on an ANT+ stick to pair most sensors.
Since the beta I have relied on BLE exclusively for all sensors – HR, cadence, smart trainer indoors, and crank power outdoors.
I also tested ANT+ successfully. However, mixing ANT+ with BLE can get messy until the app learns what your preferences are. At least that’s what I think is happening. :slight_smile:
Normally I don’t have the ANT+ stick installed so only BLE entries are listed. Once connected the first time subsequent app starts pair quickly.
During my BLE plus ANT+ experiments I learned a trick that works for me if there are any issues pairing sensors. YMMV. That trick is to pick the sensor connections you want and as soon as “connecting” appears back out to the activity or workout screen and close the app. Then start it again, select record activity/workout, and your selected sensors should start scrolling by as connections are made.
It could be if you wait long enough in the Sensor menu that happens anyway, but I found this dance step was a quicker way to make changes while I tested various combinations of ANT+ and BLE.
It might also be useful to have a swipe left function to remove a sensor when you know you don’t want it. For example, during my ANT+ tests with dongle all the ANT devices get populated, but once I unplug the dongle I don’t want to see them listed.

Speaking of suggestions – :slight_smile:

  • I really would like it if the interval change box appeared with 5 seconds to go and the timer shows a countdown of 5,4,3,2,1,0 then switches to next interval and displays that for 2-3 seconds.
    Currently the bell sounds with about 8/9 secs to go and the change box doesn’t appear until you reach 0.00. You have to be watching at that time if you want to read the info which only displays for about 3 seconds (at 0.00 plus a couple secs after). Displaying the box at 5 secs to go would give you plenty of time to read the box and prepare for the next change which might mean hanging on for 5 more seconds or preparing to spin up as the countdown reaches zero.

  • Automatically refresh/reload signature after Save activity so you can see your last workout listed with stats or see that it hasn’t been synced yet if you are not connected at the moment.
    Currently you have to close the app and restart it.

  • Half-way step for zoom in/out on the workout graph so it’s two taps to move between views. This would be especially useful on a long set with distinct segments where you want to see where you’re at on the current segment (not zoom out all the way).

  • Show CO on workout view so no need to switch to Activity form to view cadence. I think a lot of users do that but would prefer not to if cadence were displayed on the Workout form.
    To make room for this I think you can change how mode and its settings are displayed on the form. For example, change so Mode along with down/up arrows appears on left side of form. When you tap the setting (Auto, Res, Slope, ERG, Off) the number in the middle changes to appropriate type (%, w, or blank). You don’t need labels for that. Examples:
    :arrow_down:   AUTO: 100%   :arrow_up:
    :arrow_down:   RES: 28%     :arrow_up:
    :arrow_down:   Slope: 1.5%   :arrow_up:
    :arrow_down:   ERG: 150w   :arrow_up:
    :arrow_down:       OFF           :arrow_up: — Does anyone need Off?
    Then there would be plenty of room on right side of form to display the Cadence scale. Wouldn’t necessarily need to move left/right like it does on Activity form. Number itself could change color since all you really care about is if you’re in the green range. You can tell by low/high rpm which side of the scale you are on. Or simplify the scale and use blue when within target range and red when low/high like the Remote Monitor gauge displays CO.

  • Add a Notes option. If enabled as soon as you click Save an activity a form pops up to enter notes for that activity. This is same as viewing the activity from XO afterwards and editing the description (inserting text or replacing description).
    Otherwise it’s too easy to forget to do this :frowning: when you have something you want to remember for next time or when reviewing activity history.

Sorry @Cyclopaat. Clicked wrong reply button. :slight_smile: Meant to reply to OP.

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OK another update to this, I checked my phone with Ant tester and it sees the ant device etc. I reverted the app to the factory install. This seems to have helped somewhat

When I use the activity page in the XERT app I can see the cadence and power from my trainer, however when I switch to the Workout tab and start a work out I see the cadence, and the trainer receives the power setting but the power output from the trainer is not shown.

As an aside I linked my Garmin 520+ to my trainer via Ant+ FEC and it saw all inputs. Because of the problems people have encountered with Garmin IQ app I do not want to go that route. However (and I have never tried this) it might be OK to download the workout to the Garmin and run from there but one looses smart workout functions I think.

So I have gotten closer but not there yet.

well the solution for me was to revert the Ant+ apps on my phone (Samsung A5) to the factory installs. I just did a trial where I followed the data both with the Android app as controller etc as well as readings on my Garmin 520+ and using the Windows Viewer and all seemed to work well did a few intervals and resistance changed, power was read and all seemed good. I also had heart rate reading via BLE though we will see how that goes long term. So far so good.

Did a 15 minute trial and 30 sec in the app crashed, restarted and it stayed Ok for the full 15 run thereafter, giving me hope!

Another suggested tweak -
Flip Speed and BPM on Activity form so HR is in the same spot as the Workout form when you switch between forms.
You can, of course, customize the fields yourself but I think this should be the default. :wink:

The app works perfectly for my setup:
Android 10 phone + Elite Direto + Bluetooth heart rate

More suggestions –

If you decide to condense the mode settings on the left side also allow changing slope when a workout moves from ERG to Slope mode.
Currently when slope mode is configured for an interval you are stuck on whatever slope % is pre-defined. You can only adjust the % if you switch from Auto to Slope more then remember to switch back to Auto when the workout is no longer in Slope mode (no easy way to tell this)…
In this case Auto would remain displayed but the entry changes to –
:arrow_down: AUTO: 1.5% :arrow_up:
With ability to adjust the slope down if needed per your trainer connection.
Related – When next interval is about to move from ERG to Slope mode it would be nice if a fashing text warning appears in the transition box such as ERG -> Slope or “X (watts) -> 1.5% Slope”.
This would only be helpful if the box appears with 5 secs to go. Otherwise depending on the trainer it’s like slamming into a wall without notice. :slight_smile:

Display your current decay setting somewhere when viewing the Training tab page or perhaps under Goals.
It’s easy to forget when you have set it to No Decay and have forgotten to set it back to Optimal.

When you complete a workout automatically switch from the workout to activity form since that’s where you’re going to stop/save it plus it’s more useful to view the activity form during an extended cooldown.


I have H2 and same problem occurs with no trainer control using BT and luck of controlling via ANT+

Do you manage using Xert Android App with your Hammer?