feature request - tt bike power and road bike power

I cant hold the same power on my tt bike as I can on my road bike. It would be great to be able to log the ride by which bike was used and have those variables evaluated for each ride.

Seems like a simple request, but it quickly gets difficult for us to manage how riding your TT bike affects your Road bike signature and vice versa. And which signature is tracked on the overall progression? What I’d recommend is determining how much less HIE/TP you have on the road bike (as a %) and use that to manually adjust the signature down on the TT activities, or for your signature for TT events.

Similar to my request submitted on the Facebook page for the ability to track the variables that affect fitness signature for my gravel bike vs. road bike. That can also be expanded to cover mountain bike rides. It’s an idea that seems good in theory, but the reality is that it’s a lot more difficult to implement. Kind of like flying cars, we would all love to commute to work or drive (fly) to races in flying cars and it would make our rides on the roads a lot safer- seems good in theory, but all kinds of things get in the way. It would still be nice to have a different fitness signature for different bikes though, I suppose we could always dream.

Correct. It’s something that I think would be possible to implement in the future, but would require some significant time and resources to develop.