[Feature Request] Record Laps to Fit File

Would it be possible to get lap info in the fit file so we get Strava, Intervals.icu, organized lap data?..Xert workouts already have an structured embeded

All it takes is to make the interval steps into lap info in order to be able to get the workout data in Strava like this:

Additionally, in mobile you get to see the structure of the workout like this:


We do analyze laps (if they are present in the activity .fit file). Head to Advanced Stats and select Laps from the drop-down options on the right-hand side.

We do plan to add laps to the EBC apps, at least for workouts. No exact timeline for that at the moment.

That’s my point, you guys are the ones creating the .fit file when we use your apps.

@ManofSteele Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Say I do a Xert workout (pick any), every workout has certain steps, as the picture in my post showed. Nowhere in the system I get to see the stats per step in the workout.

Effectively what this does is make every step of the structured workout a lap. This has to do exclusively with the way you guys record the fit. file, it doesn’t require any development. This accomplishes two things:

1.) Get detail useful information of your workout, say compare first and last interval in terms of pwr, hr, etc.

2.) The ability to import the file into other systems, like Strava or intervals.icu and get the same analytics per “step” for each workout.

Does this plan incorporates what I described above?


It might be interesting to look at, but it hasn’t been essential to the activity analysis with Xert. Most Xerters only care or want to know the overall impact of the training… IOW, how much strain (XSS) was applied to each system (Focus).

It still does require time to implement and test in the apps. But yes, the idea is to add laps to the fit file for Xert workouts. No confirmed ETA.

Yes, however I would offer that in some specific workouts with longer intervals (>4min), this information is actually very relevant.