Feature Request- Plan for entire season

Hey there,

Is there anything on the horizon for adding a function to the planner/calendar that allows you to plan for an entire season with multiple races, sportives, etc.? The planner/calendar is great, I love how it predicts your fitness and suggests specific workouts on a given day, but it would be awesome if I could plan my training for more than one race in the future. That way, I can see how the training in the lead up for one race that I just had (and the race itself) as well as the training following that race would likely set me up for my next event later on.


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Although this seems like a good idea, there is immense complexity and since the plan changes every day once you finish your workout (and you don’t do the exact workout prescribed at the exact time it was scheduled), then having a traditional training plan that doesn’t recalculate with each new workout is sub-optimal. We’ve opted to help you understand what’s happening and enabling you to know how to optimize your own training, rather than predefining it which becomes suboptimal the day after your first workout.

Thank you for the prompt reply. I didn’t think such a feature would be easy to implement and I have huge respect for what you are all doing at Xert. I can’t fathom how you guys figure all this stuff out so the planner updates by the day and the workout player adjusts your targets, etc. in real time. That all just boggles my mind how you do that.

But, I was just wondering if it was possible to plan for more than one race or other event at a time. For example, I had a gravel race this weekend and I am stiff recovering from that as evidenced in my ride tonight, lol. But then I have another race, this one on all pavement road in two weeks. I know the fitness planner will figure it all out for me so if I follow it closely enough, I am golden for not getting burnt out, well that’s my hope.

I only started with Xert about a month ago and I am liking it so far. But, when I look at what events to enter next season, I’ll have a bit better idea of how to space my 2-3 peaks throughout the year. Since that really isn’t feasible as per your explanation, I’ll just go on the one even t at a time method and use what knowledge I’ve gained from over my years of riding and training. You guys still offer the best training platform out there in my mind, so it’s all good.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Matt, consider modifying the Improvement Rate to handle multiple events in one season. For example, you can build to your first event, then switch to taper (or off-season) for a week after to allow for some recovery; when you’re ready to train again, you can increase the improvement rate again and change the target event date to your next event. The problem with annual training plans is that they’re not adaptable. Xert offers improved flexibility at the cost of very minimal effort (changing Improvement Rate and Target Event Date).