Feature Request: Link to last ride on the Xero home page

Hi there

I am really enjoying Xert and the continuous improvements being made, especially the iOS app. One little annoyance is on the Xert Web Dashboard I will often log in after a outdoor ride to check the analytics of the ride and I have to click through multiple screens to get to it. It would be great to put a link to your last ride on the home page…or am I missing something?

To check the last rise I have done, I click on the little alarm bell in the top right corner which displays all your notifications.
This should have you latest rides that have been uploaded to xert.


What Steve said is probably the fastest way to get to your most recent ride. You could also set your homepage to the planner - if you do not clear cache and cookies between sessions, you will land on that page next time you connect. However, the ‘alarm bell’ is probably the easiest solution.

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