Feature request: I'd like to see 'Training Deficit' include the low/high/peak breakdown that 'Remaining XSS' has

On the home page in the Adaptive Training Advisor section, it would be nice to see a breakdown of low/high/peak XSS the same as is shown under ‘Remaining XSS’, based on your targeted Focus.


I think it is likely they will add this to most places where XSS is displayed.

I hope so.

This can be a bit tricky. For example if your deficit is (70 | 10 | 1) for (low | high | peak) XSS and you just finished an endurance ride with 70 low XSS, your remaining deficit is (0 | 10 | 1) but that’s impossible to do. :frowning_face:

Ah ha! Indeed it is, and I was thinking about this very thing on my ride today. If you’re on a week where your target Focus is Breakaway Specialist, you might do a couple of workouts in the week that put you in the yellow for the rest of the days, and any additional riding that you do to hit your ramp rate target would only push you further away from that target Focus. It’s the tension that I think can exist between Focus and Ramp Rate, when you’re also trying to manage your tiredness.

I guess what I’m suggesting is the recommendation would be (0 | 10 | 1), as you suggest, but the ‘0’ would be green (or something else to indicate it was satisfied). As Focus drops toward your target, I can live with extra low XSS, but I also don’t want to miss out on on high and peak.

Hold that thought. :smile:


I agree. I’d like more detailed info on the XSS breakdown needed for the day and the week. I can then free ride it easily, especially if these 3 values are available on the Garmin app also. I understand this is similar/same as riding to focus but since it’s now broken down this way in the workout why not have it to train by?

I refuse to ride a trainer indoors unless the weather gives me no other option, need to make things as easy as possible to complete outside.