Feature Request for XERT Player

Hi Xerter’s Staff and Developer ! :grinning:
In this last days, i have annotate many request for the XERT Player, if possible, to implement in the next upgrade:

  1. Please :pray: if possible, enlarge the characters a little, on my edge 1030/1040 they are really small, (even if in reality it is my vision that gets worse, even with contact lenses), but the space for this update is present, thanks !
  2. Why not make can read the next work as it appears in XERT EBC on the iPhone ? Example: next: 20’ Z4, in the bottom part of the Edge.

Is all for the moment, thanks in advanced for consider this request.
All the best, :hugs:
Corrado, Italy. :it: :canada:

Definitely #1 … There’s so much empty space on the 1040.

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