Feature request for Segment Hunter page on the website - Display target wattage

On the Segment Hunter page when you select a segment to be synced to your Garmin, that is when it lets you select a target time, and whether it should be Hard or Tough.

What if after you confirm the target time and effort level, it gives you the starting target wattage for the segment?

Basically a way to know the target wattage without having to load Segment Hunter and actually get out to the segment on the road.

There are a few segments that I ride through occasionally but I don’t always have Segment Hunter loaded and ready to go on the Garmin. But… if I remembered what the target wattage is, I could give it a go any time I rode through.

Or the ability to discern which segments you might want to go for? Sometimes the mind can read things differently whether its a “10 minute target” which might feel like too much for the day, but then the target power is “only” at 320w which sounds reasonable

The problem with calculating a target wattage for a segment would have a lot of factors involved. Mainly wind speed and direction but also rolling resistance, temperature, air density, CdA and drivetrain efficiency

You could see the length of the segment and match the length on your power curve to get an idea of what you can push for that time.

Yes, but calculating power targets to that level is something for BestBikeSplit if you want to go that route. The Segment Hunter app for your Garmin doesn’t do that, it just starts off with what wattage you can handle for the target time (and then adjusts for your time/distance remaining, if needed).

And yes, you can look on your power curve to get an idea of what you can handle for a duration. And I often do that when heading out to get a breakthrough somewhere. But it only has data points for certain intervals of time.

I also think it would be easier to remember "I can target 255w for the River Loop or Dallas Rd uphill, that was a 370w effort. Easier association, instead of having to think/remember/lookup your time for a segment, then think/remember/lookup where that lies on the Power Curve, and then remembering that while out riding.

I like the idea of having 2-3 segments in mind that I ride frequently, but don’t always want to ride hard. But looking at those occasionally on the Segment Hunter page would be easier to remember power targets for them.

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