Feature request - filter workouts by LTP

I realise that there’s only a single focus for “endurance”, but it would be great if there was a way to filter workouts to only get ones that are under lower threshold. When you filter on just endurance there’s a huge variety in intensity.


Difficulty Score is the best way to filter for workouts. If they have any significant time above LTP, they’ll be more than 2.5 diamond. Use the filter and choose Endurance with a 2.5 diamonds upper limit and you’ll find workouts that are mostly if not entiirely at LTP or lower.


I still get quite colourful workouts that way :slight_smile:

Edit - Looks like forcing the duration to be longer will help.

If you just want to spend time below LTP you can always free ride, switch to Slope mode and keep the arrow on the rainbow gauge in the blue. Or switch to Resistance mode and dial in a % that puts you there and vary it every so often.

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In case anyone is interested I have found a workaround …

I have made sure that in my personal workout library all the “endurance” workouts only have intervals at or below LTP. So in XATA’s recommended workouts I can just filter on Endurance + Personal.

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