Feature request: Export workout as .fit

Hi Armando, I am loving using Xert with my running data. In the workout Designer, there is an Export for ERG and for TCX but not for FIT.
It would be really hellpfull for me to have Export workout as .fit, is it possible?

Thanks Pepe. For the vast majority of users, ERG and TCX meets their needs and Garmin’s should support TCX workouts. This is the first we have heard of this request before. Generally, our users are not exporting workouts and taking advantage of the smart, dynamic intervals. We’d be better to focus our efforts on getting these integrated on to other platforms at this time rather than keeping them static with other export formats.

FIT is a standard this days, me too, I would rather have .FIT since then I can use with whatever application that comes with my trainer, and as you are aware, Xert does not directly support all smart trainers out there, it does not support mine, tacx neo

I’d love the ability to have them in zwo format to be able to run them easily in zwift.

Convertors exist for erg to zwo and tcx to zwo, for example https://github.com/pjskyboy/Xert2Zwift and https://github.com/wiedmann/zerg_zwo_converter

I’ve also used the TCX file from the Xert Workout Creator directly on my Garmin Edge by copying to the Newfiles folder.

Wow, thanks. Didn’t know this existed. Do you mind if I share it to the Facebook group as I know people have been crying out for this.

Sure go ahead. I’ve tried both of them, more so the wiedemann python based one, which I used to create zwos for the old S/F videos before S/F app became more popular. I ran the Groovy based tool on a Linux box last week and it seemed to work fine, but you should also be able to get it to run on Windows. The only problem I have now is getting the custom workouts onto Apple TV Zwift, but I also have an Android tablet with ANT+ built-in and just run the Xert Player alongside Zwift with the tablet controlling my trainer.

I contacted Zwift and workouts are going to the Apple TV… I rather suspect it’ll be a centrally
hosted thing of your custom workouts…