Feature Request - add data field "XSS" to filter for rides

Currently you can put in parameters for “difficulty” - using the diamonds field, but I think it would be helpful if you could filter by XSS amount, since that is what the training suggestions are based on. I’d like to be able to use the filter to see the 1 hour duration rides at between 75 - 125 XSS.

Just a thought.


Yep, it would be even nicer if the default listed workout options were in line with the recommendation. Such as Endurance and 103 XSS would list workouts of Endurance and within +/-10 XSS. Sort of like an automatic filter.

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That is how it works now dependent on your Goals settings and status stars count.
Are you viewing XATA on your phone (scrolling and swiping) or XO on a PC/tablet/laptop (all on one browser page)?
Assuming XO Training tab on a full page –
On the right side are the top four recommended workouts based on your status stars count, target XSS, and Focus Type for today.
Load More (full list of twenty) drifts further from today’s targets as you scroll down but all are viable options. Ditto on a phone, scrolling down is further from targets. but there is logic to the listing.
The left side includes free ride advice to Focus which differs from structured workouts but the strain ratio goal and focus type are the same. In this case you can monitor Xert data fields as you ride freeform intervals at or above target watts. You aren’t trying to replicate one of the structured workouts outdoors. Specificity matters but that is another topic :wink:

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Suggest you watch the entire series in order if you haven’t already beginning with Discover.

That is going to list workouts with a wide range of focus and intensity or is that what you want to see?
IE, 1 hour at 75 XSS is very different strain ratio than 1 hour at 125.

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Oh my fault, you’re right.

What I was thinking of is when I start searching for rides that meet my deficit versus recommended. My recommended may be 100 XSS and the workouts show accordingly as you said, but my deficit may be 125 and so I start refiltering to close that gap.

More of a personal problem :slight_smile:

What I want is to be able to set my search parameters based on XSS also. I want to pick an XSS range (of my choosing) and see rides within THAT XSS range. Not specifically 75 to 100 - that was just an example.

The screenshot shows my current status. The rides recommended are about 2-3 hours, with 64-90 XSS. If I want one hour though at the recommended goal of 74 XSS, there is no simple way to find one. When I "filter rides to 1 hour , I get rides that are 50 XSS, 55 XSS etc.

I would like to be able to filter an additional XSS field so I can search for a ride based on time and XSS.

I take it from your request you don’t want to follow XATA recommendations for focus and difficulty? The only way to get more XSS per hour is to increase difficulty… and that will often mean adding some high intensity (shorter focus duration), both of which may be counter to XATA recommendations, especially during base. Xert doesn’t recommend workouts with difficulty much (if at all) above your training load (diamonds vs stars), and periodises training so that focus is aligned to the phase. Said another way, there is a huge difference in focus and difficulty for a 75 vs 115 XSS one-hour ride so the training effect will be very different and potentially not aligned with objectives.

I’d therefore make sure focus is right first, then ride the time available rather than targeting XSS first. It’s the more interesting metric (and bigger point of differentiation for Xert).

I suspect it’s those constraints which mean it’s unlikely they implement such a filter. You can get around that with a combination of duration and difficulty filtering (eg 3 diamonds will be roughly 80 or so XSS in an hour) if you really want, but guess from your original request you know that already :slight_smile:

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I don’t yet have the stamina/hardness (whatever) to do a 2 or 3 hour endurance ride indoors, even at the recommended XSS. So if I need 75 XSS to get on track, but “the matrix” is telling me to do a 3 hour ride…that’s not possible. So, i’d like to be able to continue to meet my XSS goal, while doing a shorter ride. I’d like the filter to make that easier to do, if possible.

It’s not about “wanting” to follow XATA etc. It’s not that complicated or involved.

Thank you for the advice to follow the focus first then ride as long as possible rather than focusing on the XSS. I didn’t realize that those metrics were prioritized. I’ll do that.

Want to make sure you know that this means ride slow and easy should you decide to ride outdoors.
Focus Type
It does not mean ride for 3 hours but rather keep your watts low (lower blue zone) as close to the maximum endurance point on your power curve as practical*.

Reference –
Understanding ‘Focus’ and how to use it – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Here’s all the possible Focus Type points on the curve –

*IRL any Focus Type 20 minutes or higher is the endurance zone outdoors. The route’s terrain will dictate what’s possible to attain even if you have a 1:1 gear. Highest number I have achieved is about 45 minutes and that was a series of out and back legs on a flat course with no wind. YMMV :slight_smile:

Yes I understand, but if you look at the recommended workouts from the screenshot I posted earlier, you will see that 3 of the 4 rides recommended are 2-3 hours long. Only one is 1:35. (post # 6 of this thread).

But as I understand now, it is better to do as much of one of those rides as possible, rather than find a 1 hour ride with the 74XSS “Workout Goal”. Even though the “Recommended Workouts” vary from 60 XSS to 90XSS.

A greater variety of workouts will kick in when you reach 2 stars status.
Before that level you can ride as you’d like keeping in mind all the numbers are ballpark in nature. Your main goal is to keep the pacer needle in the 11am to 1pm position. That can waver depending on how evenly you decide to distribute your hours over the rolling seven day period that XATA tracks.