Feature Request: Activity-Specific Progression Charts

Armando, I love Xert for tracking my running and cycling data. I know that a full-blown multisport version of Xert has been talked about as an eventual goal but that seems like an ambitious project. In the short term, would it be possible to generate activity-specific progression charts (in addition to the regular progression chart) if Xert detects different types of sports in the activity data? This would really help me (and I think anyone doing more than one kind of sport) get a better general sense of their progression in that sport without cluttering up the current interface. It could simply be a separate set of activity-specific progression charts under the current one.

Perhaps what we can do is add an Activity Type column to the Activity Table so that you can sort/filter by type and then use the export feature to grab all that data for your own report. That might make an easy first step. Enabling the filtering of progression charts might make sense as an option but it adds a bit of complexity to otherwise already fairly complex set of charts.

That might help. Right now, I’m just using the training advisor and trying to do alternate days of running and cycling… but things will get a bit more confusing when I do a lot of combined workout days. I wasn’t thinking about messing up the current progression chart with a filtering button (although that’s an option). Instead, I was thinking just run a totally different chart for each sport under the main one.

You’re asking about our multi-sport support which will allow one account to have multiple sport profiles and provide reporting for each individually. That’s coming…