Favourited Workout no longer exists

I have a “Coach” workout that shows on my planner under my favourited workouts that appears to no longer exist. Yet now that it no longer exists I cannot un-favourite it and remove it from my list…

Active Recovery - 50 (RC Copy)

Hi George! Looks like that workout might have been deleted by the coach. You can use one of our Active Recovery Workouts in the main library if you need to

Will that un-favourite and remove it?

Good question, I tested it.

If the planned workout is deleted, it still displays in the calendar but the workout will not load or work. It would need to be deleted and something else would need to be planned/selected. Fortunately, it’s a bit of an edge case. It shouldn’t happen too often.

So how do I remove it from the list of favourites in my planner?

Ahh. I tested with a personal workout. Nothing you can do about it at the moment, it should be removed automatically. I’ll open up a ticket with our tech team.


It was not mine, but you got that by now :grinning:

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