Favorite Workout?

Hey everyone! Happy Monday - I hope you all had a fun weekend of riding!

We’re starting to get an increase in the numbers of visitors to the forum - welcome those of you who are new! I’d love to continue getting people involved in the forum & discussions, so in addition to the ‘Show me your BT thread’, I’ve come up with a new topic seeking input from all of you…

What is your recent go-to/favorite workout? Is it something from the main Xert library? Something you read about elsewhere? Or maybe something you whipped up yourself in the workout designer?

Let’s see 'em!

The Closer series of workouts have always been among my personal favorites:

They look very intimidating, but I find them surprisingly easier than standard 5x5 VO2max intervals. The first 2 minutes of each interval is ‘hang on for dear life’, but the intervals get more tolerable by the 3rd minute to the end.

I also use these as a measure of where I stand in terms of overall fitness. Completing Closer 170 at 100% difficulty is roughly difficult regardless of my Training Load, but I know my fitness is really on point when I’m able to complete 5 reps of Closer 200 at 100% difficulty - usually requires me to be at a generally higher training load (~3+ stars).

My go-to endurance workout are ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ and ‘Learning to Survive’, which both come in various lengths to suit available time.

When it comes to something harder I’m into the 4 x 8 at constant XSSR style of workout. This one is my own at 160 XSSR:


I’m focusing on endurance workouts right now and I like the following two:

  1. HOP 150% and 91% (officially a climber focus) – I was able to complete this “easily” (meaning being able to finish at all), and decided that probably meant I was ready for a BT. The next week I did a test, and increased TP by 5W.

  2. Crazy Train – This is nice because it’s long, but still has quite a bit of variation with recovery between the more challenging parts.

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