Faulty power data

Hi, I today did a big ride (2nd on a new power meter) and noticed I was holding seemingly impossible power levels for long durations. Seeing the activity analysis on here verified that either my old power meter (still on my gravel bike) is way under reading and I’m much stronger than I thought or the new one (on my new MTB) is way over reading. I’ll re-calibrate both and hopefully that will resolve the issue, but at least on this one rides XSS is WAY high (https://www.xertonline.com/activities/l4yz66dnsjt7um5w)

So, I’m thinking maybe delete it and find a way to strip the power data off then re-upload and let the power estimate do it’s thing instead of way skewing my training status and power estimates (interestingly it’s not labeled as breakthrough). Sound like a good idea? Simply deleting it will skew as well as it was a rather large effort.

Or is there something better I can do?

Yeah did the strip thing. XSS now a reasonable 249 instead of 1500 or whatever it was.

Hi Jeffrey,

Your best bet here is likely to download the raw file (then remove the activity from Xert), strip the power data out using fitfiletools.com, and then re-upload the activity with HR data to have the HRDM assign the Focus and XSS. Hopefully a recalibration will help for your next MTB ride!

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