Fat & Carbs GCIQ data screen not working

Fenix 3/Garmin Vector . I can’t get past the IQ message . I’ve entered the updated code from my dashboard and synced several times. Anyone have a solution? FTP calc app runs fine.

That app for some reason is finicky and you may need to move it to another cell for it to work.

Thanks for the reply. It worked today no problems. A Sunday App? :wink:

I am having the same issue. Have moved the data field around, uninstalled and re-installed. No joy getting the ! point. Garmin Fenix 3 HR. Any other tips/tricks?

Now I cannot get any of the apps to run, in any screen position. Did a hard reset, reinstall, re-pasted the codes, nothing works. So I have no xert data :frowning:

Try a different activity profile.

Tried that. The Fat and Carbs app still shows GCIQ error in all circumstances. The MPA/power and TTE/TTR apps aren’t accepted by the device ( when selected, the device reverts to a garmin field ) The XXS/XEP app works.

Totally bizarre since the are all pretty much the identical code. We have Garmin looking into things for us. Hopefully we’ll get an update from them soon.

Whoa…I just saw theres a new v3 8.34 for the Fenix3, it wasn’t offered via garmin Express. I just updated manually, and now have all the apps working except Fat and carbs. That one still does the GCIQ error.

I had the same thing with the 520. Both Garmin Express and the mob app seem to fail to fully uninstall the older version even though you might think it had. If you go to the Apps folder and look at the PRG file dates youll see. If you delete them on your PC and do a fresh install that works. Maybe Armando can tell you the exact prg file names to remove? Good luck!

…and quite randomly the fat and carbs are now working as well. Excellent.

Thanks John!