Fat Carb Data Field App on Garmin 1030

After my last BT, my Fat Carb Data Field on my Garmin is giving me Fat-Red & Bold up to 10-15 watts above LTP. In the past it would give me the Red & Bold between approx. 80%-99% of LTP and If I am correct it indicates when a cyclist is in the fatmax zone. I tried reset my app login information a couple times but nothing changed. I also deleted the app and reloaded it.

Does this seem right? can I go a little harder then LTP and still predominantly burn fat? or do I have an error in my App?

Yeah, the app is showing when you’re near your fat max burning intensity, which can go above LTP. In general, the higher your intensity rises, the remaining energy contribution will be from fat.

IOW, you might be at the same fat burning rate from say 10 W below LTP up to 10 W above LTP - however, at 10W above LTP, you’re going to be burning more carbs than you would than 10W below LTP. Hopefully that helps/makes sense. You can see both the amount of fat being burned and the carb/fat burn rates (in watts) in Xert EBC for Android, which can help you visualize what I’ve described above.