Fat and Carb data, where can I find it after my ride?

Can’t seem to find the data anywhere. Does anybody know if/where it is stored to be seen post-ride?

I think it’s not stored in the fit file.

This is correct. With the new FIT 2.0 standard, we can look to store it in the FIT file itself which will make is accessible to other software programs. Xert will be receiving updates soon that will also show these values when you login to Xert Online.

Sounds good, Armando. BTW: How do you handle the different per user variations, as fat vs. carb dos not in-/decrease linear?

Today, we base our estimates on your fitness signature given the fact that those with higher PP and HIE, tend to have greater reliance on carbs than those with lower values. This is an area of research for us as we are looking to hone in on the specific individual patterns that appear in the data. Stay tuned…