Fat adapted athelete

I was looking at the carb/fat app for the garmin…but I was wondering, if a fat adapted athelete, this app might not work as well on them?

Yes and no. Any LCHF athlete will tell you that their capacity to perform high intensity efforts is greatly diminished. In Xert, this translates to a reduced HIE. On the apps, a lower HIE value raises the contribution of fat vs. carb. So it may not be exactly the precise methodology of how things actually work in the body but the numbers should generally reflect how individual differences and the relative substrate contributions are manifested in the 3 fitness signature parameters.

very interesting and well done this is really cutting edge stuff in my humble opinion. It seems the only way to use that fat/carb app is to get a garmin unit…so I may have to do that!

i just noticed I could change the xert mobile app to show fat and carb burn! whoop!