Faster Podcast and App Review from Smart Bike Trainers

Latest FLO Cycling Podcast is all about Xert. Jon covers a lot of ground about Xert and the team:

Xert may rank #4 from Smart Bike Trainers but we think we’re the #1 platform for those looking to be the best they can be:

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I’ll listen to this tonight. Thanks for sharing it Armando.

Xert and BigRingVR - winning combo.

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That’s the comment I dropped on the video :-p

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Sorry - I only sped through the 2nd one. Zwift on 1 - lame, but that’s were the money is, with SUF trying to catch up.

How do you set that combination up? I get confused with all the combinations of ant+ & Bluetooth and which channel reports power and/controls the trainer etc.

Two ways:

  1. use BLE to connect your phone to the Xert app, Ant+ to the PC running BigRingVR. Pick a film and start your workout in the Xert player - the BigRingVR ‘avatar’ will start to move.
  2. the better option: download the workout and drop it in BigRingVR’s directory. Pick a film and then add the workout (bottom left frame). That way, you only need one connection.

BigRingVR is Ant+ only (for now), so it won’t hijack the BLE from your power source (i.e. trainer). However, only one source can control your trainer, so if you chose option 1, you need to switch off trainer control in BigRingVR.

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Many thanks. I tried BigRingVR in the 2st lockdown and couldn’t get it to work how I wanted it so cancelled my subscription. I might give it a go again. One thing I found is that, if I remember correctly, you actually download the Bigring rides for a smoother experience. I found that the files automatically backed up to my Goggle drive and took me right up to my 15gB limit. Took me ages to delete them from it. I need to see if I can prevent that happening again

I wouldn’t know that - I never download anything, as I have cabled network everywhere. However, the standard download location can be set in the preference pane (the cog top left menu in the main screen).

When you select* a film to run, there is a box bottom left where you can choose the workout to run. They already have a set of standard workouts ready and in the popup it mentions where you should put your own, so they appear in the list. Have a look at their FAQ, if needed.

It’s all pretty straightforward :slight_smile:

*You highlight one from the list and then click ‘Select ride’ to go to the next screen with the workout selector.