FAQ: Xert says I’m “Very tired” but I still have a big training deficit.

What should I do? http://baronbiosys.com/faq-items/xert-says-im-very-tired-but-i-still-have-a-big-training-deficit-what-should-i-do/

Hello Arnando, thanks for this helpful FAQ but can I propose you add something - like where to find peak, high and low training loads and energy levels?
I found them I think. At least, I found the training loads in the Progression Chart, showing Strain. I then had to add the peak, high and training loads which were greyed out - I never saw that before. (As an aside, I think this shows me why my Threshold Power has been starting to decline again - I’ve been concentrating on base training with very little high/peak training - is that a fair assumption?)
But how do we compare the training loads with the energy levels? I still haven’t found that.
The more I explore Xert, the more I realise just what an amazing tool this is, There is so much to it and I have lots to learn still, but I want to encourage you and all the team to keep up the great work. Thank you.

Sorry, I made a mistake in my post above - I found them in the Progression Chart under Fitness Signatures, not Strain.

Hi Robin. We’re looking to strike the right balance between the detailed information we can provide about individual athletes and creating a system that’s easy to use. We have so many things we’d like to do and add. As we grow and add more users and customers, we’ll be able to fulfill the full vision and ambition we have for the software. Thanks!!

Hi Arnando, thanks for the reply. I understand the constraints.


the link to this specific FAQ is dead and gives a 404. Could that please be corrected?
Thank you!