FAQ - Garmin Connect

I am trying out XERT. I have account set up and linked to my Garmin Connect. When I go to the ‘My Fitness’ Tab it is blank. Should it not show some info based on the history of Garmin rides I have done?

Be sure you have activities with power data, no activities that have dates into the future and a properly set Fitness Signature.

Armando, Thank you but still no luck. No items are synced to Xert. I disconnected and tried Strava instead. THis does show items synched but still NO data reflected in ‘My Fitness’ Tab. Yes power meter and HR monitor info in Strava. Any ideas? 1 2

Maybe I am messing up with the ‘Properly Set Fitness Signature’ - Can you explain how I check this is done correctly?

I did find this and added some data here (see pic) But still no info on ‘My Fitness’ Tab. 3

Armando - OK! I found my failing. Strava is not auto synched (I had to select each workout individually). Looks like it is working now. I would suggest that on initial sync it should be made more clear that items should be selected or even better just synch last 5 rides or something like that. I am still unsure as to why Garmin connect did not even show rides to choose from to synch?

GC only brings the next ride and not previous rides at the moment, something we’re looking to change.

Ok, some note of that would be good. I can see data now and have purchased a year subscription. Thx for all the hard work on this and look forward to seeing how it does for me and how it grows! Cheers, Adam