Failed to complete workout

Hi Armando, I started my second workout today (SMART - I Won’t Back Down ) and I was fried after 27 min. After looking at the analytics mpa, it was clear why, it had fallen below my power curve. According to the workout designer (same signature) the mpa in "SMART - I Won’t Back Down " should just come down slightly instead of hitting my power curve. Why did this happen?

Yes. I can see that. Hmmm… when you run the player, what are the 3 signature values on the main screen? Was Powermatch on or off (double check).

strange. On the Workout Player screen: PP 787, HIE 14.2; FTP: 196. Powermatch was on.

On my Edge 1000 I just turned power off and on again, restarted the Workout Player, and now my 3 signatures are: PP 675; HIE 7.1 and FTP 178 which is correct now. Wonder where it got the previous values? I had not made any changes to the signature myself.

If Powermatch was off and the KICKR was not properly calibrated, it could have led to these higher power numbers. Next time you do a workout, try using the Remote Player and review the profile and see that the power you are getting during the workout matches that which appears on the profile chart. If it doesn’t, let us know.