Factoring in illness to xert

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Is there anyway apart from adding a memo to the fitness planner that you can factor in Illness on Xert .By doing so would recalculate your training plan ?for example if you are sick for 2 weeks then this would/Should alter your overall Health and training stats


No, it is not possible. You basically have to ramp up the training yourself. Xert will assume you are super fresh and ready to catch up the 1000 XSS deficit, but you will have to control the ramp up yourself.

And Xert cannot really know how much time you need. I basically just start with short endurance and increase the duration for each session if I was able to complete the previous session without a too high heart rate. And then I slowly introduce some intensity.

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Hi @CiarsZ ,

Hope you’re recovering following your illness!

Are you using the new Forecast AI training program? Or one of the Xert Adaptive Training Advisor (XATA) programs - these include the 120 Day Program, Continuous Improvement & Challenge. The advice I would recommend is likely a bit different depending on which program you’re using. But yes, definitely use the ‘notes’ feature to make comments about things like illness & injury.


Hi Scott
Thanks for the reply
I’m on new Forecast AI training program. I have over 6 weeks to get ready for the Vuelta Al teide in may
Have Pneumonia but nearly recovered hopefully
I really want to get back in action 1st April

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Thanks for the details! I was in a similar situation last week - I had a sinus infection that left me pretty miserable most of the week. Definitely not as bad as Pneumonia! Hopefully you’re on the mend!

I pretty much ignored my original forecasted training for last week Monday to Friday. Fortunately, with the Forecast AI program, it’s a bit easier to adjust afterwards!

In my opinion, it does depend a bit on how you (personally) recover after illness. For me, I know that I don’t usually feel like diving straight back into HIIT, but I know that I can tolerate some really easy (~2 diamond) endurance, even when I’m not feeling quite 100%. So, on a day to day basis, I manually selected an easy workout that I felt I could handle and pinned them to my forecast - these are shown with the red arrows below.

Once that was done, I adapted the forecast and Xert adjusted the upcoming days (& remainder of my training program) around my easy endurance workout, making sure that I’m still be able to achieve my target a bit later this year.

In your case, I’d definitely want to start with my recommendation and maybe consider selecting & pinning a few of Xert’s easier endurance workouts (like Back to Blue or After Midnight) and consider how you’re feeling with those before adding back any intensity.

Thanks Scott
I really appreciate all the advice and information

EPO might be a last resort :rofl:

Seriously thanks again will look into everything you advised tomorrow morning

Thanks a mill

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