Exports to Zwift not showing up inside Zwift

When I first tried this, it worked perfectly, but suddenly new exports stopped showing up. It seems the recent exports are missing the Xert and when I add the tag manually they show up again.

IIRC the location was changed, and you’ll find them at the top of the workout list now.

Yes. Instead of using a category, they are tagged “Xert”. In the category, they couldn’t be removed or updated, nor would they show on the Apple TV.

I am having the same problem, the file is in the workout folder but not showing up at all in the workout list

The latest Zwift update introduced some new issues. You’ll need to place them in a subfolder marked by your Zwift id. You may even need to remove the workout.files file to force Zwift to re-read the workouts. Hope they sort out these issues.

Is there any chance we could have the workout of the day forwarded to our Zwift account directly, like TrainingPeaks does? Unlikely that I (or my athletes) would do all this file shuffling on a regular basis. Is there a technical obstacle in doing it?

Zwift grabs it from TrainingPeaks. You’ll need to pressure Zwift.

Besides, you’re much better off just running the iOS or Android app and do the workout with all the smart features. Run Zwift, YouTube or whatever app you want concurrently.


Sure if there’s a will there’s a way, but pairing sensors to different devices (Zwift on Apple TV and Xert on iPad or iPhone) is usually a superior pain the arse.
Your iOS UI is way better than Zwift, and of course allows smart workouts, but for those longer ones it’s nice to have a bit of entertainment.
I’m going to ask Zwift, but I’d think you guys have way more leverage from your side.

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True - I have similar (mixed) experiences with pairing sensors through both Ant+ and BLE. I’m not Zwifting anymore, but I use Tacx TDA and that only recently introduced a form of Ant+ pairing, i.e. only HR and S/C sensor and wonky at best. Pressuring them is a lost cause, even more so since they now are owned by Garmin.

I’m brand new to Xert and in my 30 day trial period still. I found out that if I put the Zwift file in the folder with 6 numbers inside the Zwift Workout folder it works. This must be my Zwift id number. I see it didn’t bring over my current Threshold Power. It kept my Zwift ftp which is too high after coming off a 2 month injury recovery.

Unfortunately, we can’t update Zwift’s FTP automatically - you’ll need to edit your Zwift FTP to be equal to Xert’s TP manually.