Exporting workout .mrc

Hi, for my wahoo elemnt I need to import a file .mrc, but it’s not possible to export by the app? only .erg. fit or zwf.
Any idea?

Wasn’t Wahoo supposed to add support for FIT and ERG files two years ago?
I found this if it helps: https://trainerday.com/load-workouts-onto-your-wahoo-elemnt-on-a-mac/

Now it’s possible only to import .mrc files…

perfect. Thank a lot

Yes, you can also convert ERG to MRC on https://trainerday.com just import on the create workout page and save it and then you can download it in which ever format you prefer.

Lot’s of people don’t know about TrainerDay or what it does (I saw there is a link above but it does not suggest that they can convert their workouts there), you could say the same thing about someone above posting about whatsonzwift. I truely was just trying to be helpful, sorry if it looks otherwise.

Not if you mark them as private.

Anyway, I would argue that Xert is about so much more than the workouts.


No need to apologize. As I have stated elsewhere, there are tons of sites helping cyclists fix problems or offering soutions that other didn’t think of, or find of no (added) value. I am patreon or contributing founder of some of them, because they do an incredible job and usually work just as hard for what they do/offer, as for instance our Xert friends.

If one is worried about giving up information - to be freely used by someone else - one should stay of the internet and ditch their smartphone.

Yes, all private workouts can only be seen by the creator.

I don’t disagree that you shouldn’t redistribute the workouts on other platforms. The number of TrainerRoad workouts on Trainerday does make me cringe.


thank you Alex. I use your platform, but I didn’t know that files could be uploaded. Normally I use it to create workouts…

It’s the same thing as with many others - these platform exist because they offer something that is not offered by another. Ask Xert or TR to accommodate and give more choice in download formats. Or just leave it as is and accept that someone else does it. If it’s ‘their’ stuff, they should protect / copyright it or make sure you can’t use it but with their own software.

Hi Mike, I actually continually delete TR workouts on TrainerDay, I just deleted almost 100 a few days ago (really I just make them private). I know there is still a lot more. I actually am not a fan of shopping at the bike store and buying cheaper online. I have actually talked to Nate from TR before about this and he said I just don’t like to see full TR plans on ERGdb/TrainerDay. If XERT is worried and wants me to do some cleaning I can. XERT workouts are highly individualized so the wrong workout in the wrong hands goes against the value of XERT in my opinion. I personally like XERT just for the automated Threshold/high energy calculations and trying to understand what it recommends.

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Thanks Robert (ha, ha see your real name now :slight_smile:

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Did you ask Xert for MRC output? It’s not that I do not agree against duplicating / freely distributing workouts to other platforms, but if you need another format, it should be supplied, or you turn to another solution. Not sure if deleting the workout erases it from any other platform’s general database though, probably just your own…

Alex, that’s great to hear. With so many workouts it must take some time to search through them all.

Hadn’t made the connection. Love what you’re trying to do - it’s a real shame that MaximumTrainer closed up shop. Have you thought of taking it over as it’s a nice piece of software that you could perhaps offer as part of the premium package if the license permits?

Yes, I think just exporting Xert workouts based on percentage of FTP misses the point anyway - I do it if I want to do a workout in Fulgaz and go via Trainerday because of the bug in Fulgaz that prevents the Xert exported ZWO files from being read on the Windows version.


This was just posted on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrainerDayCom/status/1261217879636271104

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