Export workouts to Garmin

Hello, does anyone know how to export trainings to my garmin 520? I do not recognize the tcx or erg files and the online tcx to fit converters either …

Rober, we are seeing some issues with loading the TCX files to the Garmin head unit. We’ll look into it and see what could be causing the issue.

Which workout are you trying to load?

I have tried several and I have not succeeded…

If the workout has more than 120 steps, the Garmin TCX workout won’t get loaded. A reminder that to get your TCX workout onto the Garmin, plug your Garmin in, open your Xert workout, click on the TCX button on the top right and save the TCX to your NewFiles folder on the Garmin device. Be sure to wait until the file has been properly saved before unplugging your Garmin. Then when you unplug it and turn it on, you should see the workout you saved under Workouts on the device.

As an FYI, we are working on a new CIQ app for the Garmin that will allow you to play Xert workouts directly and not have to go through all this trouble. We are targeting early 2017 for this. Soon you’ll be able to avoid all these steps and be able to play our unique intervals too automatically. :slight_smile:

Thanks Armando, great idea that app! So far I do the training by creating them manually … but with the continuous changes in my signature, I continually have to modify the goals of time and power … this app is important for me !! Thank you for your answers!