Export workout from Garmin Connect for Import in XERT

Hi and thx for support.
I have more workout in the Garmin Connect app (old works from my old coach). Is possible export, from GC, and after import in XERT App account ?
W/ a TACX Neo2T, for simulate the climb (for example in to the SFR works or in the progression on the 3%-5% grade), how can change this parameter during an active training?
I start w/ 30’40’ of flat section (for ex. Z2) and, after, if i need to simulate the climb ? I not see any option during the Garmin training on my Edge 1030. (In the XERT Player, for example, is possible change the power w/ + or -)

Thanks for the support.



I no longer own a Garmin, but I believe you need to export the workout from Garmin Connect as a FIT file (Original) then convert the FIT file to MRC. You can then import the MRC into Xert.
Workout converters | What’s on Zwift? (whatsonzwift.com)

To switch to Slope or Resistance mode on the Garmin Player, tap Back button on the Garmin.
Using the Xert Workout Player for Garmin Connect IQ – Xert

To increase workout intensity %, swipe left.
Using the Xert Workout Player for Garmin Connect IQ – Xert

To decrease workout intensity %, swipe right.
Using the Xert Workout Player for Garmin Connect IQ – Xert

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Thanks for your help Ridge ! The problem is impossible to export in fit mode, in true, with Garmin Connect, isn’t possible export the created workout. And i not find, in my device (Edge 1030), the files related at the workouts w/ fit extension. Thanks for the tips for the Garmin Player App, yes, i know this. Have a good journey.
Corrado, Italy.

What happens if you export a past activity that consists of that workout?
Does Garmin strip out the interval steps when you do that?

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Thx Ridge. This is for export the activity, not for workout scheduled. I need export the workout i have created and not yet rided, only scheduled. I search but not find nothing… Thx again.

Yeah, I took a quick look at my Garmin Connect from a while back and I didn’t see any option to actually export the workout, only to send the workout to a Garmin device.

FWIW, our workout designer is quite intuitive (and easy to make copies of similar workouts). There’s also a blog post discussing advanced workout design using SMART intervals: Advanced Workout Design using SMART Intervals – Xert


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True, absurd, but true, Garmin Policy ! :O/ @ManofSteele !
I visit your link and hope in a solution. Thanks so much, have a nice day.

Is good Scott, but i need rewrite all my months of workout.
And, (sorry for more question but is 1st season i have an indoor smart trainer after mooooore year of Road Cycling ;O), …

  • but in the situation i need simulate (for example), one SFR or IT in a climb (3%-5% or other grade), what should I do or set so that my smart trainer simulates that slope? I took it for granted that it was possible to increase the climb ratio as, for example, XERT Player allows you to increase or decrease the intensity (W).
    I apologize for the ignorance, in terms of indoor sessions I still have a lot to learn.
    Thanks again Scott and thanks again Ridge !



Oh yeahhh ! I love XERT more every day !!! :grinning:

Thanks @ManofSteele !

Is hard work rewrite all scheduled works, but the good news is i’m able to ride the workout w/ XERT Player.

I think the XERT workout creator, is the best and intuitive !

Just any question @ManofSteele : when i ride the workout, and when i go in the SFR, (for example), phase, (so, w/ a ratio climb, here is 4,5% for the SFR session), the XERT Player, (Garmin Edge 1030), is correct to remain in AUTO Mode ? (It change automatically to slope mode ???) Or i need to change manually from AUTO Mode to SLOPE Mode ?

PS) And for the similar training, is simple: open in designer, COPY !!!, rewrite in the section needed to change, SAVE and scheduled, or, scheduled after, in the PLANNER section, entering the name of the works needed to add at the calendar.

Thanks again ! :pray:



If a workout interval is defined with a % Slope option, AUTO on the Player will switch to Slope automatically.
You can also use this function as a prelude to max sprint efforts where both the RIB interval prior to a sprint effort and the sprint interval itself are defined with slope mode. That gives you time to select an appropriate gear/cadence combo before the max efforts.

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This is my situation, i need transit from flat section, (Last Activation Phases), to climb 4,5% for SFR Phase (i have created in a slope mode). This is a screenshot w/ blue evidence, the IT of the transition from the flat (%TP) tot the climb (SLOPE). You confirm AUTO MODE is correct for this work ? If yes, is perfect !

PS) ‘AC’, the phase after the slope mode, is for ‘Regular Pace’, in Italian Andatura Costante

Yes, w other works, i need to ride more sprint in the climb w/ more RIB from one sprint to another, but, always in the climb, so, this, is a good news ! I have the time for follow only the perfect recovery but without adjust nothing, so, mind and body is more ready !

Thanks @ridgerider2 for this other important tips !

Have a nice evenin/night



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You may also want your ‘rest in between power’ interval to be defined as a ‘slope’, otherwise you’ll have 10w erg intervals for 3 minutes, which is pedaling against basically zero resistance…

As an aside, you can also do low cadence in erg - just pedal slower / lower cadence, and resistance increases automatically. I guess the feel is a bit different, and perhaps muscle activation too…, is that why you prefer slope?

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Hi @wescaine and thanks for your support.
For the RIB after ride the SFR, yes, i need recovery during the descent w/out pedaling But… : i don’t like descent w/out move my legs, especially in cold season, so, for this reason, i have set a value very low (10W), just move my legs at low RPM and in this mode, recovery.
Second aspect: the erg mode, i don’t love the feeling ERG offer and i like ride exactly at the % ratio, indicate from my coach, during the SFR. Thanks again for your tips, i need to understand more and more aspect, so, thank’s for your present tips and for the future tips. I find a good communication from some members and, this important aspect, help me, (I hope !!!) to write in better English too, I don’t like online translators, I prefer to improvise and write, perhaps with some mistakes, but not rely on a translator, it doesn’t help unless in other circumstances.
Good journey ! ;O)

No problem

My first point was actually about recovering at 10w in erg, rather than recovering at 10w in slope… recovery of course makes sense and can be very low power, but as you like slope mode you’ll probably also want slope for recovery. I doubt you can put any pressure on the pedals at 10w in erg…

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Here’s an example workout with a spin-up in slope mode that precedes a max effort sprint.
The Time is Now – Xert - Workout Details (xertonline.com)

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No, in true, the recovery of the SFR, I have to do in downhill, before start the next SFR. So i have to review this aspect; (now I’m planning the next sessions of other works), but if I have the possibility to change the mode from SLOPE to %TP for ONLY the RIB phase, i change. And, yes, in ERG it is really impossible to ride so few watts. I need to revisit this point. Thanks a lot !

Hi Ridge,
curious ! In other world, (correct me if i not understand correctly pls), the IT in the climb is designed w/ a first sprint 10"@100TP and, after, the RIB (Rest in Between), is intended not as a recovery but as a second IT more powerful than the first.
So, in other words, the RIB, in this case, is used not to indicate a recovery but for a subsequent phase; in this way you don’t have to rewrite the various phases individually, nice… am I right ?
PS) The MIXEDMODE ? In this case need to change into XERT Player the mode selected ? Or (i think), for this example workout, the AUTOMODE is correctly ?
Thank’you Ridge !

Yes, you are correct.
In the example workout 10 secs @ 100% TP at 2.5% grade (green) is followed by 15 secs @ 0.5 min MMP at 5% grade (red). Both in Slope mode.

MIXEDMODE identifies workouts in the library that include intervals that will automatically switch between ERG control and manual control (gears/cadence) as you ride the workout using a Xert player (Garmin app or EBC on phone).

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Thanks again Ridge. Now is all too clear ! The XERT World is always most open ;O)))
And, wrongly, i took for granted, that the RIB is ONLY used for recovery phase ! but, in true, is very helpful if used also in other subsequent works, when in this case you have reported.

OK, i have also understand the MIXED MODE.

But the PROS and the CONS of the ERG Mode, w/ a Smart Trainer, what is ?

Thanks and have a good evening Ridge.