Export workout as .ZWO

This would be much appreciated as a more direct and seamless integration with Zwift.

Hi Kim. I believe there are tools out there that will convert a .ERG file to .ZWO format. You can export your Xert workout to .ERG. Recognize however, that when you use any of our advanced intervals, in particular our soon-to-be-released smart intervals, which are dynamic both in power targets and durations, they can’t be played correctly on other players. Fortunately however, we’re going to enable you to perform those workouts and ride on Zwift or watch a Sufferfest video. Using our Remote Player together with a Garmin Edge 520/820 or 1000, you’ll be able to play our smart workouts and ride Zwift / watch a video. Here is an example of overlaying our gauge on Zwift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13oYA1cuyuQ. Beta of our CIQ and Remote Player should be out very soon.

Yeah, super excited about whats coming, and will be using it. Can’t wait! Thanks