Export weekly stats

I would like to export the weekly stats to get a better overview and comparision between similar periods in different seasons. However the export function for CSV(?) files does not appear to work with both Chrome and Internet explorer.

Hi Fredde - we don’t have an export function from the Weekly Stats, are you talking about the Activities Table?

No, I was actually talking about the weekly stats… in that case is it possible tot create such an export?

The team is working on something else that will achieve exactly what you’re looking to do - a table containing various stats allowing you to compare them to other periods. Stay tuned for that.

Awesome! looking forward the new functionality

Any updates on the comparison feature ? It would be great nevertheless to have access to an export function. Be able to feed your own training diary (graphs mainly).


Has this arrived as yet?


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That will be a +1 from me too. :+1: