Export to Zwift ZWO

Hi guys
Any plans to provide an export to Zwift format for workout?
I ask because I cannot get your Android player to work consistently with my Direto. I find I can have ANT power or Bluetooth Cadence, but never both. I have had this issue for probably 9 months, I keep going back to the player because I want to follow Xert’s recommended workouts, but it NEVER works properly.
My current approach is to look at the recommended Xert Workout, then find a similar workout on Zwift to do, this isn’t ideal, wastes a lot of time, and means I’m not following the Xert recommendations. But I have to do this due to the Xert player on my Galaxy S8 never working with the Direto.
It’d be soooooo much easier if you provided workouts in Zwift, or export to Zwo… Just like TodaysPlan does. Working out in Zwift with the other riders to chase, the screen format and the banners is soooo much better than staring at a green screen.


The latest XM Android app should support the direto’s cadence. have you tried enabling that? We’ve had that request before and have it on our list of to-dos. Pretty sure users have found ways to convert the ERG/TCX to ZWO. Another possibility is to do the workouts without trainer control in Zwift. With smart intervals, this becomes a lot more feasible.

Dont know if this works very well, but a quick google returned this : https://github.com/pjskyboy/Xert2Zwift

Crickey, I haven’t run a Groovy script in a long time. Best go do some reading to test it.

Tried the TCX to XWO groovy script… works a treat. I had to manually create the ‘build’ folder, but it produces Zwo files. I also updated the output tags to get an ‘Xert’ category in Zwift so all the Xert imported workouts in are a single dropdown section. Obviously this is great for those that know how to edit and run Groovy, but could this be pulled into a built-in export function within Xert? Put a disclaimer to say ‘this uses third party open source code, we cannot guarantee quality but will try to respond to issues to the best of our ability’… or something similar.

Cadence doesn’t appear to be accounted for, and all of the segments are fixed power, I don’t see any ‘ramp-up/down’ workout segments. So some functionality is lost… but I’m happy for now.

Noticed the TCX files don’t include cadence. Sure if they did then this could be pulled across.

So, if alll workouts are fixed power, they are relative only to you. It would be great to have them set accordingtly to each person ftp on zwift. That way, they would suit everyone.

It’s a % of FTP, so different power based on the individuals FTP. Difference from Xert is that I think Xert uses MPA to vary the length of workout blocks to ensure a target ‘effort’ for the block and not just x minutes at y% FTP.
However, if I’m using them on Zwift with a smart trainer in ERG mode I am happy to accept fixed time blocks with % FTP effort. If on a bike outdoors, or not using ERG mode, then I can see why MPA targets have a much greater value for training effort control

So Ian, if they are % of FTP, they can work for everyone who is interested… Can you send a couple of workouts in zwift format for us to try?

I’ve heard rumors that FTP is dead. :slight_smile:

Not agreeing that the Xert system isn’t much better, hence we pay our subscription. It’s just that at the moment I don’t have a Garmin, or a bike power meter. I only have power on the trainer, and struggle with the Android Xert player (again I know you’ve worked on this but still , I am always missing one metric (power or cadence). Zwift has been solid with the trainer for some time now. I have very narrow time windows to train and I need something to just work. A garmin may be the best option for Xert, but I purposely bought another brand and it’s difficult to justify reinvesting just for Xert.