Export iOS activity to Strava & Golden Cheetah

Did my first activity using the iOS app this morning and it worked nicely. But now I want to have that hard earned workout reflect in my stream in Strava and take it into account in my GoldenCheetah. I can only see options for csv, xls and pdf export in the Table of activities. None of which will work with Strava (so I can pull activities from Strava, but not push them there :frowning: and the csv/xls doesn’t have enough workout data for GC. What now? This really makes using the iOS app less appealing versus running an activity from my Garmin 520.

Unfortunately not at the moment. GoldenCheetah have been working on an interface to Xert. The more recent builds have some connectivity. Unsure of the status of it.

Thanks Armando, please say more about export options that we may see from Xert.

It’s a major limitation of the iOS app that we don’t get a file. Even a detailed csv would suffice as what’s in the csv export at the moment is not useful at all. In fact, even looking at the Dashboard activity in Xert is pretty limiting as there’s just so much data not captured by the iOS.

I would say that for the time being, if you’re looking for greater flexibility, try and use our Garmin or Android apps. Xert Mobile for Android is immensely flexible. The iOS app has been dummied down and will likely always have many limitations to make it easy-to-use. Having said that, we are continuing to add things like adding in Strava support to the app.

I think I’m being dim here, but not sure why this is a limitation of the iOS app, should we not be able to export from the activity page? It’s not very helpful having csv, xlsx or json but not tcx or fit. I’ve just managed a workout on iOS 11 but had to run a Wahoo ELEMNT at the same time to get a file out :frowning:

We haven’t been asked to provide TCX/FIT download since all our users collect and save their data on other platforms - Garmin, Strava, etc. It is on our list but has been rarely requested. Now that we have an app that doesn’t save to TCX/FIT directly, this is now more prominent. For the moment, if getting the data out of the system is a requirement for you, we’d suggest you simply use your Wahoo ELEMNT to collect the data until a solution is available. Sorry for the trouble.

No problem now I’ve worked out how to connect to everything at the same time. Perfect on the iOS app today, although the dashboard picked up the name of the recommended workout rather than the one I actually performed. Easy edit though…

It’s an interesting point Armando, about the request export TCX etc and how most of the users until this point have saved data on other platforms: you are now building an ecosystem IN WHICH we are training and not just one that we are using to MIRROR our training. As such, there’s a set of UX expectations that get paired with that usage e.g. saving/exporting workouts in standard formats etc.

This is where I believe most of the confusion comes from new users who are trying to figure out how exactly to use Xert … we are generally used to entering an ecosystem (TR, Zwift, etc) and having it work seamlessly within that ecosystem. Xert, at this point, is a one foot in - one foot out experience that you need to get your head around.

We’re a small but rapidly growing player in the space. For the moment, the larger players aren’t yet providing direct interfaces to Xert because a) their customers aren’t asking for it in large numbers and b) it is highly disruptive (think about all the places where there is talk of FTP testing, for example, with all the other software out there) with newer metrics and concepts. Once the likes of Zwift and bike computers from Wahoo have direct connectivity to Xert, then we could likely cut out the middle man and be the sole “source of the truth” for athletes. We’ll then most definitely need to provide a way for athletes to pull their data out. Having said that, we do offer a REST-Based API (See http://www.xertonline.com/API.html). Developing a export to TCX/FIT by a third-party would be relatively trivial task.

I’ve written a quick and dirty bit of php to convert your json download to tcx, so that’s OK for now and saves me running the ELEMNT. I hope that Golden Cheetah might be doing something using the REST api soon. Thanks, I realise you have limited resources to do that sort of thing, keep up the good work.

Latest GC builds have some integration. Haven’t had an opportunity to look into it yet.