Exercise during extreme heat

I suppose most of you have experience with training or racing under ‘extreme conditions’. I’ve been using PH for a while and during my ‘Giro d’Italia’, at some stages with hefty climbing, I was consuming one 500 ml bottle with a PH 1000 tab, every kilometer or so…

My intention is not to promote PH, as there are other alternatives, but the article is informative: https://www.precisionhydration.com/blogs/hydration_advice/maintain-performance-in-extreme-heat


How did you carry the liquid Robert or were there plenty of feed stations?

I have my own team car, with my wife at the wheel :joy: So, I just cycle and she takes care of anything else. MVP :heart:

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Cool article, thanks for sharing!

Since I study in an environmental ergonomics lab, this is all pretty obvious stuff to me, but the article is rather concise and accurate for people that may not be as familiar with it.

Does the PH 1000 tab have carbs in it? Electrolytes?

I have zero competence to be able to answer that, but yes to electrolytes :slight_smile: I only add them - or the powder without flavor - for the sodium. No carbs or nutritional value to speak off - I can mix with PowerBar or Born, or whatever, but my basic need is fluid, as I sweat like a pig and you can scrape the salt of my outfit every time. I use that to spice up my eggs afterwards :joy: But seriously, I will eat a banana or pop a gel for carbs…