Exciting New Improvements and Features!

You probably noticed a few new things when you logged in today. Here’s a summary:

  • Improved UI/UX on Activity Dashboard and Workouts Library
  • Simplified Training Selection and Recommendations
  • The Xert Adaptive Training Advisor now includes Favourite Activities and Sessions in the Recommended Training
  • New Suitability rating for all recommended training from the Adaptive Training Advisor
  • Improved navigation and presentation.


I’m viewing xert on my desktop, nice update with a larger font. I don’t want to beat a dead horse but an update on the garmin IQ app to a larger font would do wonders for usability in the real world.

@xertedbrain A suggestion easy to implement:

On this view of the workout, compress the description text to the left, using the 4-5 lines available, in that way you can extend the size of the workout image. Sort of like the designer. As of now looks really clunky and a lot of wasted white space.


On my Samsung phone when looking at the workout details page a lot of the workout graph is cropped off. Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Thank you for the update.

When I use the planner, on a day when I am fresh, I only get recommendations, which suits for today. (when I am tired.) I am talking about the workoutlist in the planner, when I klick on a day.
Funny thing is, when I use the Button “automatically create recommended workout”, the system works fine and recommends according to my freshness.

Am I the only one with this problem or is it connected to the update?
(Yesterday it worked fine for me.)

Hello Team Xert,

I want to ask where are all my Personal-Workouts ?

Best regards

Looks pretty but I don’t like the sliding images of the workout and the logo of who created it, would much prefer a static image of just the workout.

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Hi @thorsten21 ,

They are all still there. We’ve moved all workouts onto the same page now and have sorted them by XATA recommendation (“best” workouts at the top).

You can use the ‘Filter’ button in the top right-hand corner of the workouts page and uncheck the ‘Standard’ and ‘Community’ options and apply the filter… this will leave only your personal workouts on the page.

Hope this helps!

Hi ManofSteele,

thank you, found it :slight_smile:

BG Thorsten

Agreed. Would be best with a static image of workout only.
I often scroll the library viewing thumbnail charts first before digging any further.
Very easy to see what’s involved by the chart alone or quickly compare one workout to another when viewing a filtered list.
Also, the workout source is already identified by the tag. :wink:

EDIT: After playing with the update for a few days, the animated slides are not bothering me. By default the library list now includes workouts from all three sources (Standard, Community Shared, Personal folders). That is a good thing. With the slide action I’m finding it easy to skip shared workouts when I want a Standard folder workout (Xert curated) or one I’ve imported/created of my own (Personal folder).

How do you make a workout from the library the current workout in the new addition?

I was also confused about this. You have to hit the “play” button to select the workout. Then the page updates and you see that the workout is “ready”, i.e. selected.

Hi my “Home - My Fitness” page is completely blank since the update - is there a known issue


I’ve just found a small bug on the Planner page. When you search for a workout in the planner and hover over the workout. It shows the duration in seconds but states minutes. Can we get it back to minutes overall please.


Hi Rodney,

Looks okay on our end. Can you try opening in an incognito/private browser window?

If you’re still having troubles, send an email to Xert Support!

Nice catch. I especially like this one. :grinning:



Hang on while i grab my calculator…


Thanks. I’ll try it tomorrow

You may also want to try clearing your cache.

Love the overall look and the new features @xertedbrain.

Three suggestions:

  • Make the “animations” toggleable. I don’t think i’m the only one who have a hard time focusing on text on one part of the screen when there is animations going on at the other part of the screen (everyone working in advertising knows this to be true, otherwise we wouldn’t have electronic billboards).

  • Since we have maps, exercise data and google maps photos from the route we took, why not let us chose which one to default to on the “Activities” tab? And maybe, just maybe, add google maps photos on all rides and not just breakthroughs?

  • Lastly, why not add “suitability” to the “Recommended Training”-filters now that you added that as a descriptor?