Exactly what is in the trial?

I just signed up for the trial but am unclear exactly what I signed up for. Reading around the forum I think I’ve figured it out but much of the information is from years ago so I just wanted to double check. Here it goes…

  1. I thought I just registered - is that signing up for the trial?, It appears to be, which is fine, but it would be nice to know that for sure and to have an end date for the trial that I can see. Is the end date anywhere?
  2. I was working hard with the web/browser version but couldn’t find a way to do a ride from there. Is it true that rides can only be done from a phone (Android or iOS) or bike computer (Karoo or Garmin)? Also, I’m curious if anyone has used scrcpy to project an Android phone onto a MacOS laptop. Has anyone been able to do that successfully while using Xert? It seems like a nice solution for those that do not have a large screen/TV that they can use in their workout area (I’ve just got laundry machines I’ve been trying to reach, on my training bike, for years now).
  3. I downloaded my last 3 months of rides from Strava and my numbers were amazingly close to what I think they should be, but I was curious if more than 3 months of data can be downloaded in a purchased version. Is there a limit on the amount of data that can be download in the real version?
  4. Suggested rides are fairly limited in the trial version. I read that there are many more in the purchased plan. True?
  5. Any other limitations in the trial version?
  6. I do not have a power meter on the bike I use for outdoor rides. I’ll probably add one if I use Xert but I just wanted to check if that’s crucial. Do rides done without a power meter have any effect on Xert other than just showing up in the calendar?
  7. Finally, I want to say that from what I’ve seen of Xert so far it’s a very exciting product. I watched the first set of videos (D1-3) explaining what it’s about and it sounds fantastic. Now I just have to figure out how it works.

Thank you!

  1. Premium Trial is most features: Compare Plans – Xert (baronbiosys.com)
  2. Play Now queues the selected workout on xertonline.com for use on Xert EBC (iOS, Android apps) or Garmin player app. Workout doesn’t begin until loaded and started on the app.
    Xert indoors is designed to be run in dual device mode. App player on phone or Garmin head unit controls the workout. The app communicates with the Session Player online to display workout with enhanced features. Use your laptop for that.
  3. As much historical data from Strava as you want once subscribed. 1 year is plenty but you could load more if you want. (Garmin Connect import is limited to 90 days.)
  4. Yes, full library access plus ability to source additional workouts shared by Communities (Club, Coaches).
    In practice you really don’t need hundreds of workouts in your quiver. Over time like :+1: the ones you prefer the most, copy and tweak others to make your own versions (Personal folder), or import favorites from elsewhere (also Personal folder). Any workouts/activities on file that meet suitability requirements and XSS for the day will show up on recommended lists.
  5. See chart: Compare Plans – Xert (baronbiosys.com)
  6. Best with power meter on bikes you ride the most. If no meter but you capture HR and cadence on rides, HRDM (heart rate derived metrics) can be enabled under Account Settings, Profile tab. Works best if you have plenty of historical data on file with power+HR+cadence.
  7. Lots of newbie tips posted here – Beginner questions
    Academy series videos are the quickest way to get up to speed – Discover + Improve + Perform
    FAQs here – Support Home – Xert

Thanks for the information. I tried my first Xert ride today and am still confused about exactly how best to start a workout. I did a “Play now” from xertonline.com on my laptop, but then when I went to Xert EBC on my phone sometime later it looked like the workout was scheduled for a time that was already past so I wasn’t sure if it would start me in the middle of the workout. However, I could just start a new workout directly in Xert EBC and that worked fine with no need for the laptop at all.

So my question now is what does the laptop add? Just a bit sexier player, along with the ability to display a video or play music? I ask because I do want to play music on my laptop but I have a server running on the laptop for my music provider. It can’t be run from within xertonline.com. In that case am I best off to use Xert EBC to do my solo ride, not bother with xertonline.com, and just use my laptop to play music?


EBC or Garmin player app will show the workout selected online with Play Now if the player app is started within 30 minutes of the workout’s start time.
Same holds true if you schedule a workout on the Planner and edit the start time.

I rarely run a workout on EBC without the Session Player running on my laptop.
You could do that if you like, but I’d rather watch the rainbow gauge and power chart on a larger screen.
You don’t have to load a video or Spotify url to run the Session Player.
You can also break out sections of the Session Player as overlays and watch other windows at the same time running whatever you want (Zwift, Youtube directly, your music server, etc.).

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