Event/Goal not a single day event

Has anyone come up with a good solution to the target event/goal being a multi-day event (6 day stage race)? Seems to me having a single target that is pinned to a single day does not accurately describe the work/training that should be involved. Also, not having the ability to factor in other non-A races/events is a shortcoming. I know I can add the anticipated data for the other events to the calendar but the myopic focus on the single target date does not accurately describe my season.

The system will periodize your Focus towards a target date. If your stage race is made up of many different styles of racing (TTs, Crits, Long stages, etc.) then you would need to determine what overall Focus would be best suited for you during that competition and choose the corresponding Athlete Type. For example, if the competition has many short punchy hills, reducing the Focus to that of a Puncheur would prepare you for that. There are some addition dimensions to your training that you’d want to target for a multi-day stage race, such as building as much Training Load as possible followed by an extended taper. Choose more aggressive Improvement Rates well before the event and switch to Taper/Off-season for a longer period - 2 weeks - in order to ensure you are properly rested for the longer event. Hope this helps.

Interesting. I was not thinking of changing the improvement rate pre-event. Also, how does the algorithm factor in multiple events? For example I have a 6 day stage race starting August 5th and and then a very demanding 125 mile event September 11-12th. Seems that if I add the new goal after the goal on August 5th that I will basically have to sort my own workouts to use the time effectively. Thanks.

The best thing to do would be to take a week of active recovery after your stage race (Xert will likely see you as tired and recommend it) and reduce your Improvement Rate for that week as well. Then, set your new Target Event Date and Focus, turn up your IR, and you’re set to go.