estimation of XSS for Running

Any ideas how to estimate XSS for Running? During winter season I often go running and I want to add the activity manually so that the fitness planner can take this in account.
BTW…is there a search function, i cant find? Maybe this question is already answered.

There is a search function on our Support Home and there is some guidance there. You can add activities via the Fitness Planner.

Thanks. I know about the functionality to add activities. I want to know how I can estimate the XSS score for activities without Power-data, especially for running in my case.

There is some transfer of training from running to cycling but it isn’t 1:1. So if you use a running power meter and it generates 100XSS, not all that XSS is applicable to cycling. At this point in time, there are no specific methods to help determine this transfer. You will need to gauge for yourself how much of your running XSS is applicable to cycling.